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    May I ask, when did you last put you first, spending time in your own mind, just you plus you minus the outside influence inside of your thoughts? When did you last put you first? Click To Tweet And when you tap blank hearts turned red on your screen, do you remember to leave love […]

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  • Be the Light


    Be the light I heard Him say. The one to brighten up every place you step both feet into and when you do, do so with all of you. Let your eyes be the sun rays that strike those in your presence. Let the heat of your heartbeats be felt in full, warming the souls […]

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  • 8 Daily Routines To Stay Motivated


    Only You Can Motivate You Being motivated is one thing, but staying motivated is a series of choices you have to make every day. And no one can force you to do it. The decision is yours. You are the key to staying motivated, the power is in your hands. Choose to use it. Click […]