22 Affirmations to Remember in 2019


My main focus of 2019: trust. Trusting God. Trusting my self. Trusting my purpose. Trusting in abundance. Trusting in love.

Trust involves knowing when to be + when to do. Doing things not because we feel like we should, other people want us to, or because we’re trying to keep up with social media content. But doing them because it’s what you want to do. Because it’s right for you + you trust myself enough to do it. This last post of the year is a round up of @vowtoself affirmations that remind me to self-trust, self-love + self-be. 

I don’t know how often I’ll be writing blog posts in 2019, so I just want to thank you all for being on this journey with me. All of the encouragement + support has been amazing. I’ll still be sharing poems on Soundcloud + Youtube, selling products on the shop, spreading inspiration on @vowtoself (remember, you can too+ sending newsletters, so make sure you’re on my email list to keep in touch.

May 2019 bring you all the success, joy + freedom in being who you are + following your intuition along the way. 💛

22 affirmations for self-trust, self-peace, self-love.

  1. the best thing you can do is focus on being the best you. 

  2. i am growing stronger, wiser + more focused with every lesson learned. 

  3. i embrace who i am as i am. i release the need to compare my glory with anyone else’s.

  4. i appreciate me for believing in me enough to pursue my dreams + live my purpose. 

  5. i am stepping into my goals with full faith that the outcome will be prosperous.

  6. i expect the best in all situations. i am prepared to give +  receive the best in return. 

  7. i think + meditate on good things. life is filled with love, abundance + blessings. 

  8. i am intentional with my interactions. every moment exchanged with another is a chance to love.

  9. i have the power to shift my energy. i have the power to choose happiness. i have the power to be love. 

  10. i am gentle with my growth.

  11. i wholeheartedly believe everything i need i already have.

  12. i am grateful for awareness. i recognize that each day brings its own blessings, and every moment is a new chance to love.

  13. my mind is powerful. my intentions are clear. i am attracting prosperous opportunities that are aligned with my purpose.

  14. i trust myself to make decisions that nourish my growth spiritually, emotionally, mentally + creatively.

  15. i am the love i need.

  16. i am + always have been divine.

  17. i am a light to the world, my whole purpose is to shine.

  18. i am free to create + live my most vibrant life.

  19. i am grateful for another day to be, feel, think, speak, breathe.

  20. when my mind, body, spirit + energy tell me to relax, i listen.

  21. my thoughts speak highly of me.

  22. my energy matters more.


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