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be the love you want to feel.
be the peace you want to feel.
be the light you want to feel.


Three affirmations at the forefront of my mind this past week, and probably will be for life. Each one takes time, commitment, patience, consistency. The question is am I open to acknowledging the work needs to be done? Am I willing to put forth that energy + carry it through? (Yes.)

Questions I’ve been asking myself. To be real, any time I write an affirmation it’s a literal love letter from me to me. I share it with the world because you or someone else may be feeling the same way I do. Affirmations anchor me. I believe they have the power to do the same for every one.

I never want you to think I have the answers. I like to believe that sometimes the questions are the answers. Being willing to ask allows us to take a step back, to learn. It paves the way for us to assume responsibility + intention moving forward.

Every day I’m understanding more about God, myself, the people around me, the world. Affirmations are what help during my (over)thinking process. Or when I’m in a mood. Or when I feel triggered. Or when I’m not being present. I created @vowtoself for those reasons:

as a healing space for your mind + mine, your spirit + mine.

A place where we can all share words + learn from each other.

Each of us needs some form of self care + whatever form it takes is beautiful. Words. Writing. Poetry. Prayer. Are my forms of meditation. Therapy. Self care. They help clear my mind (like right now, thanks for being here). They provide direction. They connect me with the Highest Source. They connect me with you.

Simply: I am feeling. I am expressing. I am being. Encouraging you to do the same, however it looks.

So that’s what this letter is: an ode to being me.  An ode to being you.

Our minds + vibes matter y'all. Let's keep ours right together. Plus poetry updates + more!

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