Be the Light


Be the light
I heard Him say.
The one to brighten up every place
you step both feet into
and when you do,
do so with all of you.


Let your eyes be the sun rays
that strike those in your presence.

Let the heat of your heartbeats
be felt in full,
warming the souls
that need it most,
for not one can bear without it.



Let your essence ease
like the breeze
that permeates your being
without permission,
you neither need permission
to be everything you are.


The sun doesn’t ask to shine,
the moon and stars glisten
in spite of the darkness around them,
because of the darkness around them.
What makes you any different?


What makes your light —your love— any less?
Molded in the palms of the same Most High,
He added a sprinkle of His sparkle in you too;
that is your blessing
your eternal gift.

Embrace it.
Embrace you.

Be the light,
I heard Him say.

Photography by: @DarrenTalent

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