Blessings on Rise


It’s #NationalPoetryMonth, which means for 30 days on Instagram I’ll be sharing a poem, by myself or someone who inspires me. Below is a piece for Day 1, Blessings on Rise. Add me on Instagram for a new poem every day this month. Subscribe to my Youtube here, I’ll be releasing more video content and I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

“Blessings on Rise” by Mel Chanté

I know at times it feels like we’re not where we want to be
As if we perceive blessings bound to those around us, awaiting our own fruit to reap
from the seeds we’ve planted deep, deep, within our dreams
keep in mind,
there’s more to this world
than what meets the naked eye
and 10 times out of 9
Our appreciation and patience in the present
is a blessing in disguise.
Our blessings are on the rise.

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