9 Simple Ways to Boost Self-Confidence


People often ask: Do you still get nervous when you perform?

The only time I get really, really nervous is if negative thoughts get the best of me. Then, it’s only a matter of time before I start to doubt myself.

It’s a new experience every time you step onto a stage in front of an audience. For me, nerves are pretty much a part of that deal. So I had to start finding ways to embrace them while still feeling confident.

We’re constantly told how powerful our thoughts are, but learning to harness this power at the right times can only be done through our daily habits. Confidence starts from within, and your inner dialogue on a day-to-day basis can make or break it.

By incorporating positive habits into our lives, we can change the direction of our thoughts and self-talk from negative—or fearful—to positive.

9 Simple Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

1. Pursue Your Dreams

I know, it’s probably the most overly used, cliché, motivational phrase of our millennial generation. And yet the exact echo we hear in the back of our minds when we deem to do otherwise.

The fact is, the echo will only get louder the longer we stay away from our heart’s desires. It’s our purpose to pursue who and what we are. It’s why we’re here.

The act of pursuing your passions is confident-building within itself; it shows that you trust yourself.

2. Have Positive Quotes in Your Room

Self-reminders are necessary, especially when social comparison is everywhere you look. Since we’re visual creatures, having things around us that ignite a feeling of inspiration can easily shift our thoughts from negative to positive.


Make it your own. It could be as simple as a note-to-self on your desk or a word collage of what you value.

3. Do What Makes You Feel Good

And know what doesn’t. Sometimes we willingly put ourselves in spaces that drain us. Whether it’s people, places or social media, being aware of how you feel during or after is valuable.

Do more of what makes you feel good, and less of what doesn’t. Be around people that make you feel confident and inspired. As you do, you’ll attract more of those good feelings.

4. Smile More, Worry Less

When you change your thoughts, you change your mood. As soon as you catch yourself feeling anxious, worried, angry or sad, think of something that makes you happy.

Smiling alone puts you in a better mood. And the kicker? You can decide to be happy at any given time just by thinking it. Exercise your superpower.

5. Create A Go-To Positive Playlist

Being mindful of what you let into your mental space gives you more control over your feelings. When you listen to positive words, it makes a difference in your mood, the same applies if it’s negative.

While you’re getting ready in the morning, listen to podcasts that make you feel inspired.

Just like you have songs to workout to, have a go-to positive playlist for those days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And be sure to add Be The Light and May I Ask to your mix.

6. Save Something Positive as Your Lock Screen

We’re on our phones 24-7, the least we could do is make sure we have something positive to look at every time we pick it up.


Positive screen savers are a great way to get your thoughts in line without having to remind yourself to be positive. That way, whenever you check the time or a new notification, you see something inspirational.

Here’s a free download of mantras you can save as your phone’s background.

7. Write Down Good Things About Your Day

Every day, make a list of all of the good things that happened.

Even things like having your morning coffee, waking up early, being able to work, grocery shop or take a hot shower, having a clean room, having supportive loved ones a text or call away. Each contributes to our state of being.

Acknowledge the little things because they add great value to our lives.

8. Focus on You

Grass will always look greener, bodies curvier or slimmer. There will always be a Facebook status raving about a new car, house, job, engagement or baby. But other people’s accomplishments don’t take away from all that you have.

There’s enough blessings to go around for all of us. Keep the focus on you and your goals, then watch your grass flourish.


9. Be Yourself

Nothing is more inspiring than seeing a person be true to who they are. My dad would always say,

“Don’t conform to the norm, be the unique individual that you were made to be.”

That’s all we can do, really. Be who we are, own who we are and love who we are because of it.

There’s only one you, walk with that confidence.

What helps boost your confidence?

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