New Poem: Born 2 Love (audio)


Born 2 Love ft. Jake Cromwell

Born 2 Love is a poem about love’s nature, the purpose in its promise.

It was produced by Jake Cromwell, adding tranquil vocals + guitar melodies. It was mixed + mastered by Mike Naz. And the eye-grabbing cover art was photographed by Brandon Brown.


You wrap your arms around me the way roots do earth,

intertwined since birth although unseen
everything led us here, beyond our beings
even the strays.
Alike we both are in different ways
but our differences only add to the whole,
an unspoken language between
two unfamiliar yet familiar souls;
the irony we hold in our hands
the answers we’ve always known existed.

Our existence insists on our persistence, together,
no more resistance.
Our hearts surrender to a higher power,
the hour is here
to love without fear of falling,
to give without recalling,
and our calling was this,
so I promise to answer with
hellos never goodbyes
and I hope you do the same.
I hope to hear my name sung from your lips
as if it’s coming from the depths of you
and I hope that’s not too much to ask.

What’s moving too fast when we don’t know
how long our lives will last?
This moment, right here, is all we have
it’s all there is,
besides, we were born to love.


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