Why A Clean Room + Clear Mind Go Together


A clean room & clear mind go together. Like pb & j. Beyoncé & Jay. Or me & Insecure on Sunday nights.

The weekend is here which is means it’s the perfect time to tidy up. I don’t know about you but Saturdays are usually the day I throw on some good music and get to cleaning. There’s nothing like waking up in a clean room or coming home to a neat bed calling your body to relax in it.

Your room should give you peaceful vibes to relax and unwind easily. It’s your safe space, your sanctuary. It’s where you look forward to being after a longgggg day or week of work. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much influence our living has space has on us.

Well, I’m here to give you 10 reasons why having a clutter-free room helps us be better humans. Kidding, sort of. It does wonders for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

10 Reasons To Keep A Clean Living Space

It’s good for your mental health.

Hitting you with the facts first. According to a study, women who described their homes as cluttered were not only more stressed out, but they had increased depressed mood over the course of the day.

Those who described their homes as restful and restorative showed decreased depressed moods.

Our atmosphere is linked to our moods, living in a clean space promotes more positive vibes throughout our days. 

Simply put: less mess, less stress.

It looks better.

I mean, duh. A clean room is easy on the eyes. We’re such visual creatures. Looking around and seeing a clean room gives us satisfaction.

It makes room for more good energy.

Did your mom ever repeat the phrase cleanliness is close to godliness when it was time to straighten up your room as a kid? Well, mine sure did. Those words still ring in my ears when my room screams otherwise.

It’s true, a clear space makes room for more good energy and creativity to circulate.

You stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

If someone does a surprise pop up at your place, you won’t have to scramble around to tidy up everything as they’re walking up the stairs. You also won’t have to give the sorry my room is messy warning for the millionth time.

When you keep your room clean, you’ll always be ready for company.

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You sleep better.

According to the National Sleep Foundation (yea I didn’t know that was a thing either lol), there’s a connection between bedroom environment and sleep.

People who make their beds every day are reported to sleep better at night.

You’re more organized.

We’ve all had those days when we were running late and couldn’t find our keys, chapstick or wallet.

When our room is clear of clutter, we have a better idea of where everything is. We’re also more intentional about putting things back where they belong.

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You keep track of things (and save money!).

Speaking of knowing where everything is, have you ever lost something, spent money to replace it, only to find it a couple of days or weeks later? Ugh, I know. That’s money we could’ve kept in our pocket if we kept our room clean.

A decluttered room helps us keep track of our big and little things. But especially the little things.

You save time.

This goes hand and hand with the previous two, no more rummaging through things.

You’re more productive.

That’s right folks. You’ll think clearer, feel clearer. You’ll be more focused since theres no clutter to distract you.

It’s a great habit.

Maintaining a clean room is simply a great habit to have. You’ll develop discipline that’ll trickle into other areas of your life. A good 10-min-tidy-up session a day keeps the clutter away.

Now, throw on some tunes and get to creating your dream clean space this weekend! Follow my cup of coffee playlist to set the vibe:

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