Daily Practices For A Positive Mind

i am the master of my thoughts, and i am manifesting greatness. – @vowtoself

You ever think about the things Beyoncé tells herself on the daily? I don’t know exactly, but I’m sure it’s along the lines of

I can do anythiiiiiiiiiiing.

And that conviction carries through. Inner talk holds immense power, our daily vows to self are the gateway to our greatness. But first, I’ll take it a step back.

vow (noun):  a solemn promise, an oath, a commitment, an affirmation.

Let’s be real, when we hear the word “vow” the first thing that comes to mind is wedding.

There we are, on the world-proclaimed biggest day of our lives making promises to our future partner on the journey we will lead together ‘til death do us part.

But what about the commitment to ourselves as life gives us breath? The vows offered to the person looking back at us in the mirror? The daily declarations of love, encouragement, loyalty + growth from our own lips to our own hearts?

Every day, every second, we have the power to proclaim, to speak life over our minds, bodies, hearts, souls, energies. The thoughts we so dearly hold in our heads direct all of the above. Our feelings and moods are the reaction to the words we’re telling ourselves over and over again.

Why not do everything we can to make sure that our inner talk hypes us up, and not holds us down?

Today I’m sharing a few go-to positivity practices that will keep the positive vibes flowing throughout your day, and your mind aligned with purpose.

Daily Practices for a Positive Mind

Start your day with you

Before hopping on social media, take the time to be in your own mind. Stretch, meditate, pray, write thoughts of gratitude, make your cup of tea or coffee.

Ease into your day feeling relaxed and ready, rather than rushed. You’re alive, and that deserves some soaking in.

Be present with you. Remind yourself

i am here, and all the exists is love. – @vowtoself

Write down affirmations

Come on now, how many times have we heard that writing down our goals, intentions, affirmations makes them that much more potent?

When we see our words down on paper, we believe them more. They make an impression in our minds just like the way we used to take notes in school to study for tests.

And the true test is mastering our minds.

Consume more positively

I don’t know about you, but a huge pet peeve of mine is a song being stuck in my head that has a message I definitely don’t want to manifest.

The counter is choosing to consume positively. Whether it’s listening to uplifting, soul cleansing audios  (Tracy G be holding it down!) or positive playlists (I created this one on spotify). 

Adding positivity to your timeline is another biggie, IG pages like melaninass, @vowtoself and blackandwell to name a few.

Basically, anything that stimulates good energy.

Train your thoughts to see the good

This one is a daily practice, Lord knows one I’m still learning. Our minds have been so used to seeing what’s wrong with things, situations, people—the world—but there’s duality to everything in life.

So instead of seeing your cup half empty, well you know the rest.

Block out the noise, silence the distractions, and find the good. It’s always there.

Talk to yourself

Yes, out loud! There’s a misconception that people who talk to themselves are “crazy” or “weird,” but that’s the healthiest thing you can do.

You are your own best friend. Your own hype man. Your biggest fan. There’s nothing wrong with conversing with yourself like it.

Inspire someone else

A good word of encouragement never hurt nobody.

Positivity is the most powerful energy because it sparks inspiration. It ignites love. It reawakens us to believe that we can, in fact, do anything.

If you’re feeling encouraged to spread that inspiration, share a positive word right now with #vowtoself here, and I’ll share it with the world.

Our minds + vibes matter y'all. Let's keep ours right together. Plus poetry updates + more!

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