Dear Self-Confidence

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Dear Self-Confidence,

Sometimes you settle into the comfort of
maybe this is it.
That maybe not everything is possible.
That somehow there’s a great leap between
what you yearn to be, and what is.
Perhaps you’ve forgotten the very reason you exist
doesn’t live in wishing, but fruition.

And for some reason
you play with the idea of playing it safe
because who’s to say that if you shoot your shot
you won’t miss?
But what if you don’t?
What if everything you can imagine in your mind
is able to reel its way into reality over time?
What if there are visions and dreams
and possibilities your thoughts have yet to see
and they too appear closer in the mirror than they seem?


After all, with God aren’t all things possible?
Who are you to think small?
Who are you to sit back and watch someone else
achieve their big goals on big screens
while summers turn into falls
just like the leaves from winter’s breeze,
when you too could play lead?
When you too could be the one
to influence a world of souls
with the contribution of your very own gifts?
That is, if you set them free.
That is, if you set you free.

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