DIY Nail Care: Fancii Product Review


There’s something about flaunting my natural nails that makes me feel regal.

Ok, that might sound a bit exaggerated, but there’s nothing worse than sitting on the train and realizing how jacked up your nails look as you’re heading to an event.

I’m all for salon quality, but don’t always want to spend that salon money. I did a quick poll on my IG story and found I’m not the only one. 14 out of 17 respondents prefer to do their nails themselves.

Why DIY?

Beyond saving coins, DIY nail care has become a self-care ritual. A meditative practice if you will, sort of like coloring or cooking. It’s not only soothing, it gives my mind a break while allowing me to create.

Fancii Manicure + Pedicure System

Whether you have your biweekly nail appointments or would rather do your own nails, I think I have the perfect happy medium.

Fancii’s manicure + pedicure system has been giving my nails the love they needed. It’s an electronic nail file with 5 different interchangeable heads (shaping + filing cylinder, callous remover, shaping grinder + polisher). 


Now, I’m usually not one to hype, but this might be one of the best nail care products I’ve come across. My natural nails have been flourishing ever since. 

It’s convenient, easy to use + gives a salon quality finish. I even used it on my toes y’all! It’s great at getting rid of dead skin + callouses (TMI? Ha).

It’s always the right time for self care, I highly recommend giving this mani + pedi system a try. Feel free to check out Fancii to see if there are any other self-care products you’ll find useful. You can use my discount code MEL20 for 20% off your purchase.

Check out the video below for a quick breakdown of the goods.

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