When We Expect The Best, Life Gives It Back


i expect the best in all situations. i am prepared to give + receive the best in return.@vowtoself

We’ve all heard it before: expect the worst, and prepare for the best. But if thoughts become things, why expect, or even think about, the worst?

Strolling into November with a new state of mind. This week’s #vowtoself  practice is about expecting the best in all situations.

First I gotta ask, have you ever found your thoughts creating imaginary scenarios followed by real emotions based on something that didn’t even exist? In relationships, in pursuing your passions, in making more money, or even something as everyday as anticipating being late to work because of train traffic?

It happens to the best of us. Looking back over the year, that’s definitely a lesson life tried to teach, again, and again, and again, and still. Let me tell you about the time I took heed to life’s message of framing my mind to expect the best.

Why Expecting the Best is the Best Thing We Can Do

See what had happened was, I was on my way to work. It was February 13th, 2018 to be exact (I wrote about the happening in my journal on the train that day because I was astonished). There I was, waiting for the 3 train that was running with delays, so I was already behind schedule. I thought about texting my gig saying I was going to be late. But a thought came to me:

what if this next train goes express?

I liked the sound of that thought. So I kept it going. I started to imagine myself sitting on the train and hearing the conductor announce that this train, someway, somehow, was going to go express to Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center and I would, by divine circumstances, make it to work on time.

The 3 train pulled into the station, I got on, sat down and took a couple deep breaths to calm my mind down and push away the worry of being late. It brought me back to the present moment, and being present is always on time.

As the train pulled into Franklin Avenue, I heard the announcement bing, followed by the train conductor’s voice:

“The next stop on this train will be Atlantic Avenue, we’re running behind schedule so we’re going express.”

To say I felt a rush of relief, excitement, peace, alignment and enlightenment all at once would be an understatement. It was as though God was looking down saying didn’t I tell you I always got you? I laughed to myself, replying you right, you right.

I still think back to that scenario every now and then to remind myself of the power I have, we all have, in our thoughts and expectations. I know what some of you may be thinking: that was a coincidence girl, relaxxxx. But what is a coincidence, really?

If we believe that our thoughts have the power to manifest our reality, why couldn’t we apply that to everything in our lives? Even something that may seem as small as making it to work on time?

When you think about it, you utilize your power all the time without realizing it. Think of a moment you thought about something you wanted, and it happened right then. Or about a time a random person from high school crossed your mind and you happen to run into them that same day.

Our minds call things to us already, now we can be more intentional about aligning our thoughts and expectations with the best.

Expecting the best puts us in a positive state of being, and that’s the energy we begin to exude. As we’re thinking on the best, we begin to feel our best, and then we have the energy to give your best, to ourselves, to those around us, to the world.

We have control over our minds, we have the power to conduct our thoughts however we choose. So why not choose the best of the best? 

Before you go…

Try this #vowtoself activity of the week:

Think on the best possible outcomes in everything you do this week. Hear me out, hear me out! You can start small.  See yourself getting to work on time even if the train is trying your patience. Imagine yourself receiving that opportunity you’ve been praying for. Envision yourself connecting with someone you’ve been wanting to connect with. Feel yourself receiving all love from those around you, and from life. Open your mind to receive the best life has to give you, and give your best in return. 


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(cover photo cred: Ezekixl Akinnewu)

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