8 Gary Vee Gems You Need to Know


This past weekend I had the chance to attend Synergy Global Forum as part of the press, thanks to Young Yet Wise.

Synergy Global is a highly anticipated business and entrepreneurial event with a line up of speakers that includes today’s most influential leaders.

Talks from Malcolm Gladwell, Steve Forbes, Bonin Bough, Gary Vaynerchuk and Richard Branson filled The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

It was an insightful experience to say the least. Gary Vee was the speaker I looked forward to most. I’ve been following his video content for a couple of years now, learning tips on documenting vs. creating and the power of quality content.

What hit home during his talk wasn’t his advice on the digital and social media world, but his raw-straightforward views on life, embracing struggle, having empathy and gratitude, and being a decent human being.

Of course that led me to jot down his words as quickly as I could. 

Here are 8 Quotes from Gary Vee That Will Leave You Inspired:

1. “The key to feeding yourself is patience.” 

I know, we all want our dreams to happen, like, now. But the time, effort and energy we’re putting in doesn’t go unused. Our future goals are realized by today’s actions.

Think of all the perks of patience: we’re taking the time to grow and learn more about ourselves and the world, we’re honing our skills and creativity, we’re preparing ourselves and everything around us for greatness.

And eventually, as we sow with patience, we’ll reap the rewarding fruits of our labor.

2. “Everything great in the beginning is scrutinized and sucks, until it doesn’t.”

Everybody will have an opinion, remember to listen to your intuition.

Have you ever been so intimidated by trying a new idea, and then once you actually did it wasn’t so bad? Yea, me too.

One thing that’s becoming blatantly clear: the fear is always louder in our minds. Don’t lose faith in that idea of yours. If you have doubts about it, do it anyway.

We’ll never know how something will turn out if we don’t try. Stay focused. Keep away from comparing your journey to anyone else’s. And trust yourself.

Read tips on self-confidence for more on believing in yourself and goals.

3. “Go look regret in the eye, it will have you feeling grateful really quick.”

We can either seize the present moment, or wish we did.

Living our best lives means doing the things that bring us fulfillment, while being with those bring that same peace. If we realize what makes us happy now and act on it, regret won’t have room in our futures.

4. “Humility, never get high on your own supply.”

How many times have we heard the story of ego ruining relationships or riches? Of pride going before the fall?

We can always be better, do better and live better. Humility centers us, makes us more relatable, lovable and enjoyable to be around. It’s also a quality of a successful leader.

Acknowledge your progress while remaining humble through the process.

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5. “All the money is in being selfless.”

Why do you want that dream of yours to come into fruition? Is it for you, or for something bigger than you?

We’re all here to help each other in some way, and we can’t do it on our own. We have to keep in mind that it’s not all about us, and our dreams, and what we want our lives to become.

It’s about the influence, how we make people feel, the inspiration we give to those around us and those after.

Legacy is the game. What do you want yours to be?

6. “Doing the right thing is always the right thing.”

Need I say more?

7. “People default to pessimism.”

It’s easy to complain about not being where you want to be, to rant about all the hard work you’ve put in that seems to go unnoticed. 

What’s not easy? Remaining positive and motivated despite the setbacks and struggles. Finding gratitude through every part of the journey. Maintaining your joy in dim times.

Optimism allows you to experience the world with a brighter perspective. When your thoughts are negative, it tends to trickle into your feelings and mood, which we can’t have if we want to remain productive and creative.

Don’t let negativity rub off on you, and keep your joy! Positivity is healthy for your wellbeing. It sounds cliché, but when you think good, you feel good.

8. “If you really want to win this game, you need to start with words like gratitude.”

Something I talk about often with the Tribe: we can never run out of things to appreciate.

Make it part of your day to find things in life that bring you gratitude. List them out-loud if you have to. Family. Friends. A healthy mind and body. The abilities to walk, breathe, eat, see, hear, smell, taste. A steady flow of income. A home to rest at night. Clothes. Food. The simple fact that you can pick up your phone to call a loved one.

The little acts we tend to overlook are usually the ones that matter most. You’re alive, well and able, those are pretty amazing things to be.

I hope you found this post useful! I’ll leave you with this quick clip of Gary Vee:


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