Grow to Glo: 4 Points To Have A Growth Mindset


Grow to Glo’ Up

New Year vibes are in the air, the fresh feeling of motivation to do more, the list of resolutions on repeat in your mind, the countless memes stamped new year, new me are screaming loud and clear. Let’s make this inspiration last, and instead of becoming a new you, let the goal be to grow.

We all want the glo’ up, the freedom to live our passions while earning beaucoup money at the same time. In order to reach these pinnacles, we must look in the mirror and admit to ourselves what we need to refine. There are no limits to how much we can grow, and the icing on the cake? Every move forward is a success. Yup, every one. The secret is knowing, and owning, where we need to grow, and making the conscious effort to do so.

Growth is an essential, subtle yet sudden, intimidatingly beautiful part of life. Sometimes it hits us when we have no choice, other times we are the masters of our own evolution. Having a growth mindset means actively looking for opportunities to grow in your life. Everyone has traits that could use a touch of improvement, and what better time to start than now?

#GrowthPoint 1. Be A Good Energy

One ongoing focus is to be more mindful about giving off positive energy. Our brain is the control center of our body, which makes our thoughts very, very powerful. Not only do they have the ability to dictate our feelings, actions and reactions towards others, but they’re also in charge of the way we talk to and view ourselves.

The power of our presence starts from within. When’s the last time you thanked yourself for your hard work? Do you take the time to celebrate you? Or give credit to yourself for your growth? If we don’t uplift ourselves it will be that much harder for us to encourage others. People love positive people and great vibes. Be a good energy to be around by being a good energy to and for yourself.

#GrowthPoint 2. Put in Self-Werk

When we have jobs we’re bound by someone else’s dictations and time. We willingly wake up early, rush to catch the right train, then hold ourselves accountable to deadlines, meetings and project schedules for another person’s (or company’s) goals.

But how often is it that we put in half as much work, effort or energy into our own personal endeavors?

Once I asked this question, it was easier for me to be freed of feeling obligated to do things for others before I got stuff done for myself. Now I see it as a necessity to invest in my goals first, whether it’s making sure I write every day, doing something creative, reaching out to collaborate with fellow artists or performing spoken word at new venues. All of this comes down to being comfortable with having your purpose as a priority, along with making time for self-care.

#GrowthPoint 3. Nourish Self-Love and Self-Trust

Each day we should grow to love and trust ourselves more. You deserve to live freely and flexibly while doing things that bring out the best in you.

(Here’s a free guide to help with scheduling some alone time.)

Have the confidence to take risks. Respect your goals enough to follow through. Stay creative, journal your highs, and see the good in everything around you. Schedule some regular TLC to keep your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being beyond par because getting to the life of your dreams is going to take work. The sweet thing is it’s nothing you can’t handle because you were made for this, greatness has your name written all over it.

#GrowthPoint 4. Be Around People Who Inspire You

Surround yourself with people who will make you better, those whom you can learn from, and vice versa. The essence of a healthy relationship is that it goes both ways by helping each other grow.

(Watch latest inspirational video 2017 Goals for more on the company you keep.)

Being friends with people who aren’t motivated, disciplined or goal-driven can rub off on you. It can make you too relaxed when it comes to your own dreams, goals and hustle. Sometimes we have to step away from those people in order to focus on our growth. And that’s okay! Choosing your growth is an act of self-love. You can’t give to others if your own cup is empty.

Growth is different for all of us, and that’s the beauty of it. It starts with being honest with yourself. Write down your #growthpoints and hold yourself to ’em. If that’s not enough, get an accountability buddy to help keep each other in check. Friends who grow together, glo’ together.


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