I AM LOVE is a spoken word poem dedicated to my father, Lynnor Latham Graham, who passed away of cancer on July 20th, 2016. My father was also a poet and writer, his work and words remain alive on his website: iamblacktruth.com. He is a force behind my poetry, and remains my inspiration.


I am love,
both everything and nothing at once.
Conjuring the strength to be weak,
paradoxes piling beneath
these two fragile feet.
I step up the first block of an endless staircase to reach you,
walking into infinity, both going and coming,
then waiting and running to touch the stunning stars in view.
Is that you peeking through
the holes in the sky,
projecting a sneak peak into the peeks of a realm On High,
one that my eyes too mortal to bare fail to see?
Is that where my dreams live?
Is that how you are able to lift
my tear-filled lids, hands and heart at the same time?
You take my mind for a ride, or maybe it’s my soul you fly
in your arms so tight, so close, so dear.
Fearless is not less fear, but fear fully felt with no regard
so we float mid air on this journey familiar yet far
and there, right there, I recognize atop the crevice of your face
the exact place the tips of my fingers once traced,
knock knocking at my memory,
perplexing my sensory;
it has the sweetest taste of hope,
it looks something like the sound of a rainbow,
speaking in colors instead of tongues—
it is here our spirits belong.
It is there we are able to meet again,
and even though this reunion may last only for a night,
something tells me that this is what eternity feels like.
Something tells me that this connection to you
is synonymous to the light given off by the moon;
it’s no wonder I can feel your pull most after dusk.
It’s no wonder our anatomy returns to dust
able to readjust as particles of earth and interstellar galaxies
existing everywhere and nowhere at once, the personification of immortality,
and pardon me but impossibility itself couldn’t separate
the parts of you that are still a part of me.
Can’t you see?
No end, no time, no space, no bounds— no body
can come in between this bond we embody.
And that’s the reason why, probably,
I can still hear your voice in my head
singing your last melodic prophecy,
so I sing along:
The eyes of love will watch you, as you go from day to day
The hands of love will catch you, when you fall along the way
My arms will hold and be with you, your whole life through, cause
I am love…

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