Less Overthinking, More Making Moves


2018 is the year of doing. Can’t you feel it in the air?

Last year I caught myself, way too many times to count, thinking about ideas more than I was actually doing them. Seeing what I didn’t have. Feeling I wasn’t ready to do this or that yet. Feeding myself so many excuses I started to become full off of my own BS. Ain’t that something?

Now when a thought comes to mind, I’m practicing acting on it right away. And let me tell you, it’s mentally and emotionally freeing.

If there’s an email I want to send, me and Gmail get it done. If I told myself I’m going to an open mic, I’m there. If I don’t feel like going to the gym, I’ll put my workout clothes on anyway and take my behind to the elliptical. Even this post I randomly started writing this morning, I don’t know exactly where it’s leading yet, but I’m doing it. And I trust it’s going to take me, us, somewhere.

Isn’t that how life works? We don’t foresee where it’s leading, but with each move we make we’re closer to something bigger?

Making moves is powerful, more powerful than thinking about making moves that’s for sure. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves, goals and dreams, we make it this grand idea that seems so far out of reach instead of simply starting. Once we start, once that pebble stone starts rolling, bigger stepping stones will follow.

We have so much to offer the world just as we are, and with what we have right in this moment.

So, if anyone hasn’t told you today, you are capable. You are talented. You are full within yourself. You have everything you need to win. Make the first move, keep the momentum going, and God will take it from there.

I’ll leave you with this word by Les Brown, he’s a genius at getting the motivation flowing.

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