May I Ask


May I ask,
when did you last put you first,
spending time in your own mind,
just you plus you minus the outside
influence inside of your thoughts?


And when you tap blank hearts turned red
on your screen,
do you remember to leave love
for you too?


Before praising yet another human being
for this phase of physicality that will one-day fade,
do you see the beauty that lives in a place
beyond your eyes reach?

Do you recognize
that your grass is just as green
and comparison will only lead you
to compete in a race that
can solely be won by
being true to who you are?

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Whenever you start to doubt
the power of your essence,
do you consider to count
the blessings of each breath
as enough reasons within themselves
to free your greatness?

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Do you still put your energy at risk
by being in the presence of those
that keep ill-talk running from their lips
in hopes to seep a bit of your shine
in exchange for their shade?

Do you listen to the words
on replay in your brain,
making it a point to erase every trace
of any negative seed laced
around your self-esteem
that once blocked your bloom?


May I ask,
with every fiber in your being,
do you trust the value of you?

Photography by: @DarrenTalent

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