An Ode to Self Love – East NY Community Event


Spoken word. Soothing songs. Deep breaths + affirmations. Right in the heart of Brooklyn community housing. A much-needed Sunday vibe.

What better way to end the week + enter the weekend than with self-love?

Yesterday I was welcomed to perform at East NY Arts + Camba Inc’s Soul Circle’s: An Ode to Self-Love, an event inspired by domestic violence cases in East NY. The focus was to spread self-love-healing vibes into the atmosphere. And that we did.

From the food + Black-owned vendors to being outdoors, right in the heart of the Linden Blvd Community, this gathering was something special + much needed. I felt blessed to share the stage with inspiring, talented artists, singers + speakers. Huge thanks to Felice G for curating the event!

Here’s a clip of my performance of A Woman’s Walk, which you can also listen to on Soundcloud here.

Our minds + vibes matter y'all. Let's keep ours right together. Plus poetry updates + more!

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