15 Loving Affirmations to Nourish Your Self-Worth


We’re 7 months into the year, I hope the first half led you to more clarity in the direction you want life to take.

I also hope this second half has you feeling even more affirmed, confident, motivated, focused and ready to manifest bigger intentions.

One thing is for sure about intentions and affirmations: they’re powerful.

Slipping them into our every day lives can be transformative. In the morning, I include intentions in my prayers.

I even voice affirmations in the shower, there’s something spiritual about the soothing water and cleansing state that lets the words settle in with more ease, more love.

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In Bell Hooks’ book All About Love: New Visions (definitely a book to read more than once), she emphasizes how essential it is to not only say positive affirmations to ourselves, but to repeat them any time negative thoughts come to mind:


Y’all know how much I value words, positive words at that. Today I’m sharing affirmations—vows to self—for when we need to be reminded of our strength in self-love, embracing our growth and trusting the journey along the way.

I find it helpful to say them aloud and repeat 5-10 times. Gotta let that positivity soak in! Here’s to your continued growth in self-love and worth.

15 Affirmations To Nourish Self-Love and Worth

  1. I am the love I need. I am fulfilled within myself.

  2. I speak lovingly to myself and it reflects in the way I speak lovingly to others.

  3. I release old habits that have held me back. I embrace healthy habits that sustain my growth.

  4. I see the lessons in past mistakes, and apply those lessons to my present.

  5. I am free to elevate my thoughts. Positivity has a home in me.

  6. I am consistently learning and evolving. I welcome growth with an open mind and open heart.

  7. I am full of life, my thoughts, words and actions reflect it.

  8. I am reaping the sweetest of fruits and my natural gifts are the source of my prosperity.

  9. God is leading me to higher heights and I trust the journey.

  10. I take time to spend with me to nourish inner peace. My peace is power.

  11. I am patient and kind and always self-loving.

  12. As I set positive intentions, I manifest greatness.

  13. My intentions are clear. My vision is clear. My actions are in line with both.

  14. I am flourishing. I am powerful. I am abundant.

  15. I am who I am, and I love everything that makes me, me.

Remember, you can submit your own affirmations to share on the @vowtoself Instagram page. Let’s keep this going + create a community of self-love. 💛

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