There Is No Competition


As I observe my reflection looking back at me in the mirror,
My vision becomes clearer once I see past the fog of society’s points of view.
The labels, the separations and pretend intimidation
On repeat in our brains from social media and the news.
The feeling of inferiority settles into the insecurity
That constantly defines and reminds the world of what beauty is,
And what it is not.
Who would’ve thought the pressure of being a woman wasn’t enough?
Who would’ve thought that melanin mixed into the equation
Would equate to an even bigger collision of conflicting provisions?
Who would’ve thought we would endure the burden of living up or living down or tip-toeing around
To make sure we don’t come off as too nice so we’re not considered weak,
Or too strong so we feel the need to limit our voices when we speak,
Or too independent because God-forbid our sovereignty becomes misrepresented for pride
Leading us to hide behind the lies already branded in society’s minds?
But that wasn’t enough.
Now we add in the beliefs that our own sisters are our opposition,
In a quick glance we size each other up as competition,
Then we kick each other down if there’s a fictional hint of friction;
A never ending cycle and ongoing repetition,
All shamefully due to the limited depiction
We believe of ourselves.
But how can we expect a man to love and admire us as more than friends
When within our own beings we can’t even make amends?
How can we expect the world to respect what can’t be seen
If we don’t even perceive the quality in one another as queens?
Rooted at the core are the self-judgments that we keep buried and concealed
In response to the fear of love and the fear of loss being revealed,
And we attempt to wear these fake smiles underneath our real crowns
When at the root our soul is heavy with the weight of a frown.
I blink twice to clear my eyes from being drowned,
And come to the conclusion that it’s all in my head.
She who returns my gaze through the looking glass can never be misled
Without my consent.
We tend to be prisoners of our own thoughts,
Captives of the worthless words of the world,
We fall victim to the shade, gossip and negativity being hurled.
In turn, the way we view one another is a projection of how we envision ourselves,
If love doesn’t stem from within,
How can we possibly show it or give it to someone else?
Thus, I must see myself in the imperial eyes of fellow queens.
I must be a living example of the empowerment of love to each and every human being.
A valuable revelation decrees that I am a reflection of you, and you of me:
Therefore there is no competition.
Don’t let society be your mirror, it’ll blur your vision,
And consequently you’ll be fooled by your own imagination.

Mel Chante

Our minds + vibes matter y'all. Let's keep ours right together. Plus poetry updates + more!

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