Vlog Ep. 2: Summer 2017 Highlights


Vlog Ep. 2: Summer 2017 Highlights

Summer 2017 in a nutshell as a semi-new New Yorka.

In episode 2, I share my highs and lows of the sunny months. From a poetry performance in Harlem and personal adventures with the fam to A Tribe Called Quest and Solange live in concert to sharing thoughts about love and life post my father’s passing one year ago. It gets a little deep guys. Tune in below.

A big theme for me this summer was making time to be with me. Whether it was writing, creating, reading, cooking, making face masks, stretching, relaxing my mind + spirit, anything that brought me back to peace. Showing love to ourselves in some form every day uplifts our wellbeing and outlook on life. Still learning this balance.

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I hope summer 2017 treated you well, and may your months moving forward be even more of an experience. Thanks for tuning in, until next time!

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Our minds + vibes matter y'all. Let's keep ours right together. Plus poetry updates + more!

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