Why Writing Down Your Vision Is Powerful


Retweeting and reposting affirmations can only take us so far. But writing them down and actually visualizing them? That’s where the true power lives.

And the LORD answered me: ‘Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. 

Habakkuk 2:2

Writing down affirmations and visions for our future lives not only helps us discover our true desires, it also helps bring them to pass. We hear the statement all the time “I gotta see it to believe it,” the seeing isn’t simply with our eyes, but with our minds as well.

The mind-body connection is real. Research shows that visualization is almost as effective as achieving the act in real life, and that both combined is more potent than either alone. To break it down further, neurons in our brains interpret mental imagery just as they would in reality. 

Check out me and my sister’s video on Affirmations + Visualization.

If you can imagine yourself where you want to be, not only do you have more belief in accomplishing that goal, your brain will respond in accordance.

This is why pro athletes envision their wins and successes before they occur. Even Muhammad Ali practiced seeing himself as the greatest in his mind before his reaching his acclaimed status.

Visions with Words

In honor of vision board season, this go-round I’m writing down my visions with words.  And you can join me! Next Monday I’ll be launching a #SeeItWithWords email series.  For 5  days and 5 minutes a day, we’ll focus on a new topic, then write our visions for each one. It’s a simple yet positively effective way to enter the new year. Sign up below to join: 

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5 Tips for Visualization

Whether with words, or images, visualization helps provide clarity and direction. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Set the mood.

Put your cell out of sight. Light your favorite candle. Turn on mellow music, and relax. Your mood is important when writing your visions. It’s essential to be in a clear, relaxed state of mind without distractions. Just you and your thoughts.

Think about your goals.

Think about the major goals you want to accomplish in your everyday lifestyle, mental and physical health, personal growth, career / finances, relationships, travels and anything else that you value.

Write down your visions.

Handwriting makes us feel more connected as we express. It allows us to see it with our eyes, and get more vivid with the details. 

Another bonus of writing down your visions is that you’ll have these words to look back on in those moments of uncertainty. Read it every morning and night if you have to, whatever it takes to keep your vision at the forefront of your mind.

Focus on the feeling.

When writing your vision, the key is to write how you’ll feel achieving these goals. The more senses you use, the more vivid the vision.

If you want that dream job, how are you going to feel once you get that acceptance email or call? If you want a new apartment, how’s it going to feel putting your key in the lock and walking in for the first time? 

Focusing on the feeling of the vision evokes even stronger details.

Live by faith.

Our visions need our efforts as well as our patience. Taking steps to achieve our goals is part of the process.

Remember, our goals only work if we do. Soon we’ll start to see our visions spring to life, and we’ll have our words as proof.

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