Your Power


Your Power

You, there,
drenched in all your glory,
colored in all your unapologetic imperfections,
dripping in the joy and peace and freedom
that come with honoring who you are:
it’s in this place your soul glows free.

What other way is there to live
besides fully and wholly?
And what’s holier than hearing the hallelujahs
with every foot forward,
every step into your essence?

I am love
I am light,
I am light
I am love,

a melody within repeats,
as your spirit sways and sways and sways and sways
to this home of a harmony.

You, there,
have always been this music,
have always been this bright,
have always been your power.

Your Power by Mel Chanté
Photos by Jourdan Christopher
Styled by TheFineLinen

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